Kyriaki Vidali

Kyriaki Vidali

Kyriaki Vidali was born in Athens.At the age of 14 she started to play classical guitar.A few years later she bought her first electric guitar and started to study improvisational music.

After some years of practicing the blues and jazz language she started to work as a musician playing around in different projects.
Her love for several music styles made her a flexible guitar player.

In 2008 she got accepted in the Royal School of Music in the Hauge(Holland).There she studied jazz guitar with Eef Albers,Wim Bronnemberg and Martjin Van Iterson ..During her studies there she got the opportunity to meet a lot of inspiring musicians from around the world She had the opportunity to also participate in a lot of workshops like the ones of Peter Bernstein,Gregory Hutchinson,Armen Donehlian Mike Manieri,David Liebman John Roccu and many more.

Special projects:big band project(arranging and performing)
After she finished her studies she returned to Athens,Greece where she is currently working as a teacher and performer.
Wes Montgomery,Grant Green,Peter ,Bernstein,Pat Martino,Jonathan Kreisberg,Pat Metheny,Lonnie Smith,Wynton Marshalis and John Coltrane are some of her most vivid influences.

In 2013 Kyriaki created The Groove Elation Project,a band where she had the chance to play her original compositions.She is currently working on her first personal album but also performing in several jazz clubs and Festivals..